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Concrete driveway maintenance

The Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

In the process of designing a driveway? You need to put a lot of thought into this process as your driveway performs so many essential functions. Firstly, it is the path between the street and your home, that means it is a high-traffic area, and it has to be built to last. Secondly, it is

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How to start a garden from scratch

How to Start a Garden from Scratch

Starting a garden from scratch is one of the most exciting projects you can undertake. It’s one of the few times in life where you actually get to play god. Yes, you create your own little patch of life, and you get to choose absolutely everything from the soil, to the plants and even the

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Landscaping design tips for beginners

7 Tips for Landscape Design for Beginners

If you own a home, you’ll probably need to engage in some landscape design at some point. Landscape design is a vast and varied practice, that ranges from the very simple to the incredibly complex. Of course, not many of us have undertaken studies in landscaping, so we are very much beginners and novices when

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The Advantages of Cladding

Cladding is a fantastic addition to any home, especially as it achieves that rare feat of offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. It is a construction technique where one material is placed on top of the base material so that the building receives increased protection from the elements. Typical materials for cladding include wood, imitation

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EA65 - Exposed Aggregate + Motorised Double Gate

The Ultimate Driveway Design Ideas

Your driveway should be so much more than a parking place for your car, or an entry point to your garage. It needs to be a design feature. Remember, first impressions count, and kerb appeal can make or break your house’s value. Your driveway is an essential part of this kerb appeal, so use this

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Emu Wire Fencing & Fences

All You Need to Know About Fencing Laws in Victoria

If you’re dreaming up a fencing project, there’s one crucial thing you need to consider before you start selecting the design, size, material and scope. Every council in Victoria has laws regarding fencing on private and commercial properties. These aren’t recommendations about how you should build your fence, they are actual laws that you must

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Gardening tips for spring in Melbourne

Gardening Tips for Spring

Spring is already here, and haven’t we earnt a bit of sunshine. Spring means a lot of things, firstly, it means footy finals. Secondly, it means your garden is about to spring back to life. If you think you’re looking forward to the sun, you’ve got no idea how much your plants are looking forward

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Razor Wire Fencing

Best Fences for Rural Properties

Anyone that has lived on a rural property knows that nothing is more important than the fencing. Considering there are plenty of properties in the Werribee area that more than qualify as being rural, there’s every chance you either live, or will live on, a property that needs a certain type of fencing. Naturally, you

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Closed Shot of Tarp Pergola

6 Easy Backyard Upgrades

Like the rest of your house, your backyard does need a bit of love every now and then. When we say a bit of love, we mean more than just watering the garden, replacing some mulch or sweeping the rock garden into place (although these are all great starts.) A backyard upgrade means increasing both

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How to build a concrete patio

6 Ways You Can Use Concrete in Your Front and Back Garden

Concrete is without a doubt one of the most useful construction materials at our disposal. It is cost-effective, it is durable and most of all, it offers incredible variety in terms of design and application. If you’re about to do some work on your front or back garden, concrete needs to be at the very

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How to Choose the Best Grass for Your Lawn

How to Choose the Best Grass for Your Lawn

Every Aussie backyard needs a lawn. They are the centre of everything from backyard cricket, to kick-to-kick and even just lying on the grass and watching the clouds go by. However, Victoria does have some difficult weather conditions, from long baking summers to wet and windy springs and of course, morning frost in the winter.

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How to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen

How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Who doesn’t love an outdoor kitchen? They are among the most impressive backyard features around, and they are an instant value-adder. Of course, the best part about an outdoor kitchen is that it completely revolutionises your backyard. There’s nothing quite like entertaining around your outdoor kitchen and spending balmy nights cooking outdoors. We are lucky

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