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Things to consider when landscaping your yard

11 Secret Money Saving Landscaper Tips and Tricks

Landscaping often comes with a few out-of-pocket costs. A well-manicured garden however, speaks for itself. It can do more than just recoup your investment. But with any investment, you need to be smart about how you’re spending your money. Here’s a look at how you could be stretching your dollar out to help you get

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Modwood Decking + Timber Balustrading

How To Secure Your Home With Gates And Fences

A comfortable home is a secure one. No matter how safe your neighbourhood may be, investing in a strong, durable and reliable fence will help prevent unwanted incidents. It will also help maximise your property value. Not only that, but a good fence should balance a need for privacy. Many homeowners want to keep their

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Decking, Fencing and Pergola

Why You Should Consider Locally Made Products

It’s easier than ever now to buy products and materials from overseas. Often offering cheaper prices and lower overheads, buying from abroad is certainly a tempting option for many homeowners. But for anyone invested in the livelihood of their community, locally made products are the only ones worth considering. Besides, Australian made building materials are

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Modwood Decking

Deck Maintenance Tips for Winter

Victoria is currently struggling through one of the harshest winters in recent memory. Unfortunately though, there’s more than your heating bill to be worried about. The harsh winds and drizzling rain can take a serious toll on your timber deck. But, with the right preparation, you can keep your deck spotless and strong throughout the colder

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A233 - Left Side View Sliding Gate with Fencing WRC 90mm Slats

How to Clean and Maintain Your Aluminium Slat Fence

Aluminium is an ever dependable and secure fencing material for many homeowners, notable for requiring relatively little upkeep to perform at its best. It’s popularly used in slat fences, which use long, narrow pieces to overlap each other. These fences are reliably secure, exceptionally private, and bring a beautiful modern aesthetic to a property’s exterior.

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Best plants for small courtyards or gardens

Best Plants for Small Courtyards or Gardens

No matter the size, a well maintained garden that complements the existing architecture can produce stunning and elegant results. The only catch is that with a small garden, every single choice really needs to be justified in terms of space, aesthetics and practicality. In a tighter space, you’ll notice parts of the garden that don’t

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A225 - Black Slats Fencing Aluminium

Timber Versus Metal Fences: What to Look For

Embarking on a new fencing project is always a sure-fire way to add some dynamic contrast, texture and even value to your property. Flourishes like these are important; common sense holds that first impressions linger, and in most cases it’s the fence that you’ll see first. You could go about a new fencing project in

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Synthetic Turf

How to Improve Soil Quality for a Healthier Garden

Well maintained soil could be the difference between a dreary, suffering garden and vibrant one. Consider soil as much of a living organism as the plant life it supports, because to get the best out of it you’ll need to continually make sure it’s got the right nutrients, moisture levels and even warmth. There’s no

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MW 42 - Front Low Retaining Wall Driveway

Asphalt Driveways Versus Concrete Driveway: What to Look For

One of the most crucial decisions to make when designing a driveway is between materials. Tried and tested, bitumen and concrete have been reliable options for homeowners across the country for decades now. They’re quite different too in terms of their material composition. Bitumen, commonly known as Asphalt around the world, is a petroleum product

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Close up of Tarp Pergola

Landscaping Tips To Increase Your Property Value

One of the simplest ways to add a huge return on your property investment is to landscape. Appearances matter and having a beautiful, vibrant garden can be the difference of thousands of dollars (if done right). Gardening and maintenance doesn’t even need to be a chore, because there are simple steps you could be doing

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Garden shed in a beautiful green garden

How To Pour A Concrete Slab For A Shed

Concrete flooring will always be a fantastic option for any outdoor garden shed. Fortunately, this can be a simple, procedural DIY job, provided you follow the right instructions and take all the necessary precautions. This is an undeniably complex job, requiring acute attention to detail and planning in advance. At any stage of this process,

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Using autumn leaves to your advantage

Using Autumn Leaves to Your Advantage

It’s almost universally acknowledged that autumn produces some of the most beautiful, colourful natural scenes a budding homeowner can hope for. With a gorgeous array of overlapping colours and textures, it’s not surprising that some of our fondest earlier memories are of crunching through leaves with a cool chill breezing past. Somewhat intuitively referred to

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