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Aluminium slat fencing close up

The Ultimate Guide to Aluminium Slat Fencing

Aluminium slat fencing is one of our favourite materials at Everlast Services and that’s because it is durable, affordable and works with several aesthetics. It comes in a range of sizes, including sizes 75×16 and 90×16. This guide is designed to give you everything you need to know about aluminium slats and we bet that

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Tips & Tricks for Green Walls & Vertical Gardens

Tips & Tricks for Green Walls and Vertical Gardens

As housing density increases and backyards become smaller, spaces for vegetation are at a premium. More and more homeowners have had into come up with new ways to introduce plants into their properties. We don’t have the same amount of ground space that we used to, so the obvious answer is to go vertical. Green

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Automatic sliding gate

Your Top Fencing FAQs Answered

Everlast Services have been providing the people of Melbourne with quality fencing solutions for over 20 years. There’s a lot more to fencing than holes, pales and posts so Everlast Services has decided to answer some of the top questions that come their way. How do I broach a new fence with my neighbour? Make sure

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Spruce up your driveway

How to Spruce Up Your Home’s Driveway

People tend to underestimate the importance of a driveway. It’s not just there to provide a path in between the curb and your home—it’s also an important design piece of your front yard. First impressions mean everything (particularly if you’re trying to sell your property), and your driveway is an important part of making your first impression

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Pool Blanket Boxes Melbourne - Outdoor Pool Storage Bins

5 Ways to Beautify Your Swimming Pool Area

Your pool is so much more than a place to go for a cooling dip on a hot summer’s day. It is the centrepiece of your backyard. So, you need to ensure that you put maximum effort into designing the entire pool area. It should showcases your little patch of blue in the best way

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How to keep your garden green over summer

How to Keep Your Garden Green Over Summer

We are pretty lucky in Australia. As soon as December rolls around, we can count on getting our fair share of long summer days full of blue skies, balmy nights and all the fun activities that those conditions allow. We live on the driest inhabited continent on Earth, which is great for those of us

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How to use concrete sealer

How to Use Concrete Sealer for the Perfectly Primed Driveway

Concrete is legendary for its toughness and that’s why its such a popular, and sensible, choice for a driveway. No area of your house cops as much traffic and impact as your driveway does. So, it makes sense to go with the most durable material out there. The best way to add to toughness to

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Types of swimming pool fencing explained

Types of Pool Fencing Explained

If you’re going to have a pool in your backyard, you need to do your research on fences. Australian Standards and regulations provide explicit instructions as to the type of fence you need to have around your pool. Failure to adhere to these swimming pool fencing regulations could mean that the pool you were so excited

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Benefits of a vegetable garden

The Benefits of Having a Vegetable Garden

As the world slowly cottons on to the idea that we start needing to live a bit more sustainably, a few things that used to be mainstays of a house are now coming back into vogue. People are turning back to vinyl, op shops are being raided and the veggie patch is becoming more and

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CB42 - Colourbond Fencing Green with Custom Pattern

10 Things to Consider Before Building a New Fence

Fences are often forgotten when people think about the key elements of a home, when in reality they may be the most important aspect. A fence makes a house a home; it divides your little patch from the rest of the world and creates a barrier that makes you feel as though you have slipped

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Swimming pool fencing checklist

The Ultimate Pool Fence Safety Checklist

In this big brown country there’s nothing we like more than having a swim. Remember at school when summer would come around and whoever had a backyard pool would suddenly become the most popular kid at school? Well, having a backyard pool is a great thing, not only to spend hot days in but also

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