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Fencing rules & regulations in Victoria

Your Guide to Fencing Rules and Regulations in Victoria

If you’re planning on building a new fence, it’s important to know that in Victoria there are strict rules and regulations. If you don’t follow these rules, then you are at risk of getting a visit from a council official and having to tear down your fence, which is an unnecessary waste of both time

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Tips & tricks for finishing concrete

Tips and Tricks for Finishing Concrete

Achieving a beautifully smooth finish when pouring your own concrete can be harder than it looks. These tips and tricks will not only leave you with aesthetically pleasing and even concrete, but will also ensure its durability and a long-lasting surface. Make Sure You Have the Right Tools Having a proper set of tools will

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How to create a minimalist garden

How To Create a Minimalist Garden

Minimalism is very much in vogue. The Marie Kondo bug has bitten, and everyone is looking to downsize, declutter and pare back in search of a more simple and carefree life. The aesthetic itself has also caught on, which means ornate decorations and busy designs have been replaced with sleek lines, empty spaces and a

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Tips for choosing the right landscaper

Tips for Choosing The Right Landscaper

Is your front yard weedy and downtrodden? Is your backyard an uninspiring mix of overgrown plants, worn concrete and dilapidated design elements? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need some landscaping, which means you need a landscaper. If you’re not making the most of your outdoor areas, you’re wasting your property’s

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A short history of concrete

A Short History of Concrete

Everlast Services are concrete aficionados. We use it for everything, and whether you enlist us for a fencing, decking or landscaping service, chances are we’ll be using our favourite material in one way or another. Why? Because it’s incredible and it delivers on three fronts – durability, cost and maintenance. So, to celebrate this miraculous

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The ultimate guide to wrought iron fencing

The Ultimate Guide to Wrought Iron Fencing

Choosing the right material for your fencing projects is difficult. We’re lucky enough to have a huge range of materials to choose from, but that makes the choice even harder. There’s aluminium, wood, modular, glass and of course, wrought iron. All of these options have their own benefits and drawbacks, but there is something magical

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How to make your garden eco friendly

How to Make Your Garden More Eco-Friendly

Everyone is doing their bit to reduce their eco-footprint. Low-energy lights and appliances are a great place to start. So is walking and using public transport, but did you know you can also make your garden more eco-friendly? Well, you can. And here’s how! Recycle and Reuse When choosing materials for your garden, whether it’s

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Pouring concrete in cold weather

Pouring Concrete In Cold Weather

This summer has been a scorcher, but it won’t be long before those temperatures start plummeting. Hot summers often mean cool winters which may seem like a relief now but if you’ve got a concreting job you’ve been saving till June, you’ll want to keep the following advice in mind. When laying a slab in

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The most important gates in history

The Most Important Gates in History

As Melbourne’s favourite gate fabricators and installers, we have a particular passion for these important structures. They’ve played a vital role in history, and we thought we’d fill you in on some of the most important gates in human history. The Brandenburg Gate Anyone that has been to Berlin will have seen this impressive structure.

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Using fencing to prevent home invasions

Using Fencing To Prevent Home Invasions

Fencing performs many duties for our homes, but its chief responsibility is to keep us safe. So, how good is your fence at preventing home invasions? You need to remember that your perimeter fencing is the first line of security against a possible attack, and a well-designed one can go a long way towards your

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How to increase the privacy in your backyard

How to Increase The Privacy In Your Backyard

Everyone wants their backyard to be a sanctuary. That means creating a space that is entirely (or mostly) sealed off from the outside world. There are two main things you want to block – sight and sound. Here’s how you can do that. How to Soundproof Your Backyard Modular fencing is the best way to

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Front Decking with Garden Box and Cladded Retaining Wall

Using Your Garden to Add Value to Your Home

We all know that maximising our gardens adds value to our homes. But, how do you actually achieve this? It’s always hard to put precise numbers on the exact amount you can add to the price of your house (after all, who can predict the housing market). But, what is for sure, is that you’ll

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