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MW 37 - Swimming Pool Glass And Black Fence

How to Keep Your Glass Pool Fence Crystal Clear

Glass or balustrade glass fencing is an excellent option for enclosing your pool. Glass satisfies all of the pool fencing regulations while still allowing your pool to be a focal point of your backyard. There’s nothing quite like the clean, luxurious look that glass offers and it’s also a surprisingly durable option. Other benefits of

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Pool and landscaping under construction

Our Pool Landscaping and Fencing Project

Everlast Services is proud of every job we do. We thought we would highlight this particular project because it involves so much of what we’ve staked our reputation on – first class fencing, perfect concreting and attention to detail in our landscaping efforts. Take a look at the time lapse video below to see Everlast

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SS141 - Heritage Spear Sliding Gate and Infills

Timeless Driveway Gate Designs

Your driveway gate can perform so many aesthetic functions. It can be a separate design piece that serves to draw attention from the kerb, or it can be part of your home and an extension of your overall design flow. Whatever you want to achieve with your design, it’s essential you do some research. Use

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A history of fences

A History of Fences

Everything has a history; an origin story that deserves to be told. At Everlast Services, we love fences. In fact, our own history is intimately tied to fences—we started off as a fencing company. So, as a company that owes our own success to fencing, we thought it was only right to explain where these

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Modern fencing ideas for your property

Modern Fencing Ideas for Your Property

Your fencing needs to be an extension of your home. If you have a modern-styled home, it needs modern fencing. If your fencing doesn’t match your home, you won’t achieve that wonderful flow and sense of unity that gives a property a personality and a sense of wholeness. Here are some examples of modern fencing

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How to install fence palings

How to Install Fence Palings

Fence palings are one part of the most iconic fencing solutions of all – the picketed fence! This is a favourite option because it offers so much – style, affordability, durability and of course, they are very easy to install. In fact, you can even do it yourself and here’s how! Step by Step Fence

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Emu Wire Fencing & Fences

All You Need to Know About Fencing Laws in Victoria

If you’re dreaming up a fencing project, there’s one crucial thing you need to consider before you start selecting the design, size, material and scope. Every council in Victoria has laws regarding fencing on private and commercial properties. These aren’t recommendations about how you should build your fence, they are actual laws that you must

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Razor Wire Fencing

Best Fences for Rural Properties

Anyone that has lived on a rural property knows that nothing is more important than the fencing. Considering there are plenty of properties in the Werribee area that more than qualify as being rural, there’s every chance you either live, or will live on, a property that needs a certain type of fencing. Naturally, you

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Modwood Decking + Timber Balustrading

How To Secure Your Home With Gates And Fences

A comfortable home is a secure one. No matter how safe your neighbourhood may be, investing in a strong, durable and reliable fence will help prevent unwanted incidents. It will also help maximise your property value. Not only that, but a good fence should balance a need for privacy. Many homeowners want to keep their

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A233 - Left Side View Sliding Gate with Fencing WRC 90mm Slats

How to Clean and Maintain Your Aluminium Slat Fence

Aluminium is an ever dependable and secure fencing material for many homeowners, notable for requiring relatively little upkeep to perform at its best. It’s popularly used in slat fences, which use long, narrow pieces to overlap each other. These fences are reliably secure, exceptionally private, and bring a beautiful modern aesthetic to a property’s exterior.

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