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Tips for installing aluminium fence

Tips for Installing an Aluminium Fence

Why Have an Aluminium Fence? Aluminium fencing is an affordable option to display class and flair without sacrificing any durability. Aluminium fences come in many shapes and forms, making it a versatile choice with a broad scope of styles and colours so you’ll end up with exactly what you want. But before you dive into

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Benefits of steel fencing

The Benefits of Steel Fencing

When people think of steel they generally think of strong, bulky industrial structures that are ugly and exist only to serve a functional purpose. And while steel fencing is incredibly strong, it can also be designed and customised to achieve the exact look you want—a look that compliments your home perfectly. So if you’re after a secure,

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How to install a Colorbond fence

How to Install A Colorbond Fence

Installing a Colorbond fence can be a simple procedure, as long as you have the right tools and plain instructions. So here are all the things you’ll need and the step-by-step process to help bring down an old fence and install a new Colorbond fence. What You Will Need to Install a Colorbond Fence Rubber

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Green Steel Fencing with Gate

Front Fence Designs: How to Choose the Right One

Choosing the right front fence design for your house is a difficult task. What makes it difficult is that you have to weigh up functionality with aesthetics. This doesn’t often happen when it comes to home renovations and design. For instance, when you’re choosing the colour for the paint in your lounge room, you don’t really

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1300 LETS LANDSCAPE billboard

Your Neighbours Will Have Garden Envy – 1300 LETS LANDSCAPE Billboard

If you have recently been driving on the Western Freeway in Melbourne near the Ballarat and Fitzgerald Road exit, you have may have noticed our brand new billboard ‘Your neighbours will have garden envy.’. This billboard promotes our range of landscaping services that will help to transform your garden so that you (and your neighbours!)

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Large Commercial Fencing Project

Everlast Completes Challenging Commercial Fencing Project in Footscray

The team at Everlast Services is proud to announce that we have recently completed an extremely challenging and difficult large-scale commercial fencing project in Footscray. In fact, the job was so challenging, that no other fencing contractor in Melbourne would take it on. Luckily for our client, no job is too big for the commercial

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Custom Fencing

Reasons for Fencing

Fencing can solve a lot of problems for someone who is looking to invest into his home. Fencing is a freestanding structure designed to prevent or restrict movement across a boundary. Fences are distinguished from walls generally for their lighter structure and because they do not block vision. The main reason behind fencing is to stop

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SF93 - Bluestone Post with Level Primrose Pickets

Werribee Fencing

Here at Everlast, we have all your Werribee fencing needs covered. A family owned business, we have been operating in Melbourne’s western suburbs for almost 20 years. While our factory and showroom are located in Hoppers Crossing, we are proud to serve the entire local community, including Werribee and beyond. Over the last 20 years,

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A96 - Bluestone Vertical Slats with 3D Lattice

Fencing Hoppers Crossing

Everlast Fencing, although based at Hoppers Crossing have served the local and beyond extending out to Werribee and beyond. We pride ourselves on providing quality fencing at an affordable price for Melbourne area over 16 years.. You come to us, or we will come to you. Although we are steel sales direct to the public we

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SG60 - Slats Sliding Gate + Fencing Infills

Fencing Options and Benefits

Fencing has a lot of benefits that make it essential for the average house in Melbourne, making it highly desirable and vastly applied, particularly when all the options available are considered. Building a fence around your property can be a large investment, but it is highly recommended by everyone. It is true that if you

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