Our Team

The Everlast team is all committed to three things – quality workmanship, absolute respect for the customer and a desire to uphold the outstanding reputation that Everlast has built over the past 20 years. Our commitment to these three things ensures that every job is completed exactly as promised.

We all pride ourselves on being honest and upfront, and our ability to communicate with each other means that every job is delivered on time and on budget. We hold communication with you, the customer, as the most important aspect of our job and as soon as you accept the quote, you’re the boss. This synergy amongst the team, and with the customer, is the key to our longstanding success over the past 20 years.

Meet the Everlast Services Team


J Everlast Services Owner

The owner of Everlast, our sales manager and the man to call if there’s ever a problem — because there’s nothing he can’t do. There’s no messing around with J; if you ask a question you’ll get an honest answer. He’s not one for cutting corners and has always lived by the dictum of doing things right the first time.


Max Everlast Services Team


Kai Everlast Services Team


Kurt Everlast Services Team


Wang Everlast Services Team



Xie Everlast Services Team


Roy Everlast Services Team


Kevin Everlast Services Team


Bill Everlast Services Team


Oscar Everlast Services Team


Agasil Everlast Services Team


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